Welcome to Vaastu Therapy

DR. Poonam Gupta and Shweta Mittal are all set to solve your Vaastu related problems at your residence and work place. Let Vaastu along with technology and rationality take a front seat. Let scientific rectification techniques restore health, happiness and prosperity in your buildings and lives.

VAASTU THERAPY came into existence to accelerate the purpose of creating a healthy, refreshing and holistic environment through the application of Vaastu. The building is made to attract favourable energies to promote positivity. VAASTU THERAPY follows a scientific approach with clarity of thought and action by studying the Vaastu of a place through a human-centric lens.

“We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.”

Winston Churchill

Our Services

Site visit

To properly analyze a building, it is important to make an on-site visit. We find out if…

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Right from finding a Vaastu-friendly plot to creating the right map for new sites, Vaastu therapy…

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Enclosed within the walls of the premises, lay the interior designs which should…

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Online Consultation

We provide online Vaastu consultation to our clients to serve their purpose. The Vaastu…

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We live in a world where colours are a part of our everyday lives. Colour is simply light of…

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Numerology is the study of numbers which reflects certain aptitudes and characteristic tendencies of…

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Pyramid & Crystals

It is the science of harmony and balance by core level correction with the help of…

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Reiki pronounced as Ray Kay is a natural system of hands on healing used since…

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It is an ancient Chinese spiritual science used for building and location. Feng means…

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