VAASTU THERAPY came into existence to accelerate the purpose of creating a healthy, refreshing and holistic environment through the application of Vaastu. The building is treated like a living organism and all the cardinal points are placed in such a way that they attract favourable energies to promote positivity. VAASTU THERAPY offers an almost product-free consultancy service which weighs the natural elements through a thorough study of the site and detects the problem accordingly. They follow a scientific approach with clarity of thoughts and action by studying the Vaastu of a place through a human-centric lens.

Shweta Mittal

Shweta Mittal attained mastery in Reiki, a Japanese form of alternative medicine which uses the hands-on-healing technique to transfer the universal energy into an individual. This energy in turn promotes good health, financial stability and lasting relationships. With over 17 years of experience in the field of Reiki, Shweta has been a catalyst for positive change in the lives of her clients. She soon came to a realization that the changes in the life of the occupant must be reflected in the building where he/she resides or works as well. Hence, she began her journey to scientifically correct Vaastu related problems.

Dr. Poonam Gupta

Dr. Poonam Gupta developed her love for Vaastu Shastra while closely assisting and observing the experts from the field on her visit to construction sites. A PhD in Education, she is also the HOD of an educational institution. The cue for getting into the world of Vaastu Shastra sprung when she noticed fraudulent experts claiming to correct the Vaastu of her residence using superstitious practices. She realized, that there was a dire need to study and spread awareness regarding the science-backed field so that she can help people to use it for their betterment.


  • We create nature zone buildings and generate an auto working system within the building whose effects are permanent and universal.
  • We try and balance the Geomagnetic, Solar, Hydro, Wind and Cosmo-Telluric energies by using specific scientific instruments.
  • We rectify Vaastu defects like Electromagnetic Radiations, Telluric Energy, Geopathic Stress etc.
  • We strive to infuse the positive energy of Vaastu by putting it to the best use so that Purush and Prakrati i.e. the soul and the nature can live in perfect harmony.
  • A building is built according to the rotation of Earth around the sun (from the rising of the sun till it sets) and every room is made according to the thermal and visual comfort.


  • Dr. Poonam Gupta and Shweta Mittal have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Vaastu which they employ to scientifically correct the Vaastu faults of a building.
  • We follow a Geo-biological approach for Vaastu related problems.
  • We possess clarity of thoughts and action and do not promote superstition of any kind.
  • Through a human-centric approach, we give prime importance to the occupant of the place. All the effects of the surroundings will be directed towards the occupant who is the focal point.
  • Using the Green Building guidelines, we emphasize on common sense based science of building with modern concepts. These guidelines focus on the usage of renewable energy thereby limiting wastage.