To properly analyze a building, it is important to make an on-site visit. We find out if the site is for commercial or residential purpose and then move on to employ our techniques accordingly..

External Factors

  • Environment
  • Location /Surroundings (Houses/Trees/Park/Garden)
  • Position of the road
  • Obstructions
  • Land/Soil testing
  • Slope
  • Shape of the building/plot
  • Ratio of the building/plot
  • Directions
  • Prime Fascia
  • Main Entry
  • Cuts + Extensions

Internal Factors

  • Main Door
  • Energy Movement (Solar,Air,Sound,Water)
  • Energy Lines
  • Geopathic Aggression
  • EMF Congestion
  • Water/Drainage
  • Openings/Shading
  • Placement of Products/Painting in each room
  • Internal Placements (Bed/Almirah/Windows/Furniture/T V)
  • Stairs/lift


Right from finding a Vaastu-friendly plot to creating the right map for new sites, Vaastu therapy assists the client at every step possible. We also check the fertility, compactcity and porouscity of the land. We customize maps according to the need of the client and ensure that they follow the Vaastu guidelines.

We function according to the requirements of the occupant and create a bubble map for new sites in cohesion with the architect. Right from front allevation, RPC, contour, plumbing, electric, internal to leveling maps, we study and analyze the maps with the architect to create a Vaastu-friendly structure.


Enclosed within the walls of the premises, lay the interior designs which should be planned carefully according to the Vaastu principles. Sometimes many of the problems can be rectified through correcting the interiors itself without the modification of the foundations.

Following are the changes we might suggest while designing the interiors of the building according to Vaastu principles:

  • Directional changes of the rooms if required
  • Suggestions regarding the colour schemes to be followed for painting various rooms
  • Suggestions regarding the colour of upholstery and choice of materials

  • Placement of furniture in different rooms
  • Placement of invertors, electrical items, washing machine, refrigerators etc.
  • Placement of kitchen and bathroom accessories
  • Placement and choice of plants to be put in an area

Pay a visit at our office with the site map so that it can be studied thoroughly. Fix an appointment and take our expert advice. A detailed analysis of our observations derived from the site map will be given which will explain the various technicalities involved in an easy manner through a face-to-face interactive session.


We provide online Vaastu consultation to our clients to serve their purpose. The Vaastu related problems are analyzed through the site map of the premise. The map could be sent through email. Vaastu therapy provides an efficient after service support system where the Vaastu advices are given over phone or email.


We live in a world where colours are a part of our everyday lives. Colour is simply light of different wave lengths and frequencies and each colour has its own properties. Colours are infused with healing energies. In a society where people spend more and more time indoors the effect of colour and light become important .They are used for health, healing, inspiration, relaxation purpose. Colours have been proven to have a definite effect on mood, behaviour and well-being of a person. When using colours in our buildings and interiors, we all have our personal choice. It is always advisable to take into account the direction, light, area, usage of space to choose the right colours.

  • Get colours for interiors and walls according to the psychological need of the occupants
  • Upholstery, curtains in accordance to the directions
  • Enhance your personality with certain tones and shades of your preference


Numerology is the study of numbers which reflects certain aptitudes and characteristic tendencies of an individual. The numbers in your birthdate have certain vibrations and show a great deal about your personality, destiny, your potentials, compatibility with people and life path.

Your birthdate has a numeric value that influences areas of your personal and professional development. The analysis of name and birthdate empowers people to make decisions for self and career decisions with clarity and awareness.

Numerology Services:

  • Compatibility Report

  • Numerological spelling of your name
  • Partnership Analysis
  • New born baby name

  • Lucky Mobile Number
  • Lucky Vehicle Number

  • Name balancing for website names

Pyramid Vaastu

It is the science of harmony and balance by core level correction with the help of pre-programmed pyramid yantras. It is a practical art to harmonize mind, body and soul with the environment to achieve health, happiness and prosperity. Pyramids channelize positive energy flow. They help in enhancing energy flow, particularly in dull homes that lack proper energy. The pyramid has been known from ancient times as a powerful design that connects to energy forces and its shape and orientation is identified with healing qualities.

  • Pyramid Vaastu helps in harmonizing mind, body and soul with the environment through the placement of the yantra at appropriate location.

  • The energies are focused in the middle of the pyramid and protects the physical, intellectual powers of a person from getting wasted

  • The pyramid must be kept in a clean and airy space


Vaastu crystals and stones represent the earthen energies and exaggerate or create energy lines around it. It is used as a common remedy to make corrections in the premise. It is believed that crystals and stones in buildings create a stable and relaxed life. The healing powers of these crystals affect a person both physically and mentally.

  • To get the desired effect of energising the home, crystals should be placed in a proper direction
  • Each crystal has its specific property and effect
  • The elements of Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Space are enhanced by crystals and stones
  • A crystal grid is constructed to surround the building with healing energies


Reiki is a natural system of hands on healing used since thousands of years. Reiki is a Japanese word comprising of two parts- Rei and Kei. Rei means universal spiritual wisdom and Kei means the life force energy, also known as ‘Prana’ by the Indians. When the life force is high and free flowing one is less likely to fall sick and vice-versa. Kei is present all around us and can be accumulated and guided by the mind. The Reiki energy automatically flows to heal wherever healing is required and it is present everywhere. Reiki can never cause harm as it is guided by the god consciousness. Reiki is a positive energy that increases one’s energy and leaves one surrounded with a feeling of wellbeing.

  • Energy centres or ‘chakras’ are reawakened
  • Healing channel is cleared and physical vibratory level is elevated
  • Intense healing energy flow is enabled

  • Blocked energy is cleared which is potential for a disease

Feng Shui

It is an ancient Chinese spiritual science used for building and location. Feng means air and Shway means water. The literal translation of the word is, “Flow of energy through wind and water”. The feng shway practice discusses architecture in symbolic terms of “invisible forces” that bind the universe, earth, and humanity together, known as chi. It is believed that every type of energy is present on a premise which has to be converted into positive energy (chi).

Water helps in gathering good “chi” to bring about beneficial changes in life. The placement of water in the building is decided accordingly to help achieve Career or Business Success, Increase of Income, Overall Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance, Family Harmony and Health

It focuses on placement of tools like Bagua and Pacua so that the positive energies can enter into the premise in a free flowing manner